These Spelling Mistakes Are Worst Yet Hilarious

Technology is making us advanced in every way but it’s crippling us too! For instance, the autocorrect feature in phones (or on our writing tools) has made us forget the spellings which were once on the tip of our tongues. 

Don’t believe me?¬†Well, get ready for a hilarious journey and laugh aloud while going through the below-listed¬†spelling blunders, which changed the intention or the implication completely. Read on please.

1) Accident Prone area

Any boy coming to your mind who wouldn’t like to meet ‘such’ an accident?

Here the correct word is “Go Slow Accident Prone Area”. Just the wrong spelling of the word “prone” changed the entire meaning.

2) Par-KING

Getting the ‘feel’ here?

Word “Parking” is divided into “Par KING”. So if you are parking your car there, you are almost equivalent to the “King”, right?

Who wouldn’t want to feel that important?

3) Talking about the future

Aren’t you a bit doubtful about this “Tomorrow”?

This was a capture of Hillary Clinton’s prior to United States Of America’s Presidential election, where she was talking about job opportunities she will bring after winning the elections. Was it a reason for doubt for the future?

4) Legacy of thoughtfulness

Too much absorbed!

It’s been twenty-six years and still, the way you have your “Thotfulness” hasn’t changed??? That’s possible because it’s funeral homes where people have a different level of thoughtfulness. Isn’t it?

5) Tattoo ‘pen’ or ‘pain’

The pain of “pen” but still no “gain”!!

It’s so painful to see, that after undergoing extreme pain of tattooing, you ended up with a wrong spell rather wrong words. Ouch!!! It is actually painful.

6) Attention ladies!

Is this an unusual demand?

How can one ask to “Flash” your camera after you are done with your ritual?? and I don’t know how it’s a contribution on keeping the toilet clean? Do you have any answer?

7) That’s how you make a festival hit

Is this the promotion strategy or is it the actual name of the festival?

In any case, it must be a super hit celebration for the gathering of the bulk of amorous souls from around the world. What say?

8) Fitting rooms with an additional new purpose

New kind of outlet where they have provision for bursting your stress. It’s a double use room, try on the garments or even you can fist with whosoever you want.

So, thinking of someone to accompany you to these “Fisting Rooms”?

9) Beware: this one’s a dangerous warning!

This caution message suggests that some construction work of erecting big structure is going on.

What did you assume it to be? Oooo that’s a dirty mind! It never said the way you are thinking.

10) Extremely wrong on Veg

Who isn’t fond of “Veg Sandwich” but wait it’s “Vag Sandwich”

This must be some new kind of dish from the chef, which must be overcrowding the eating joint with males.

11) What is wosbesin?

Is it a new word which even Google doesn’t know, it needs an update.

Isn’t it? Sometimes it’s difficult to understand the signboards as the local dialect invents a new synonym for the old word.

12) New terminology for forecasting

This is the new terminology to describe the cold or is it just the actual feeling which came out to describe the cold ??

Anyways, the new metric sounds interesting. Now how to tell when it’s unbearably hot?

13) Why would one Taste all these?

I am confused that this is the excellent guerilla marketing approach by the pathology lab or it is the real thing?

If it’s the latter, then it’s totally disgusting. Why would one “Taste” all those, at whatever cost?

14) Oops! Something’s not right here

I informed them that there is some spelling mistake in their signboard, They did correct the spelling, but, of the wrong word. I guess they have a different meaning of their “Restrooms” which I need to learn, can anybody guide?

15) Is that a clickbait?

Or is it a puzzle about what the signboard is trying to say? What I assume is that they are inviting for “Dinner” at “Launch” of their product named “Breakfast”.

What do you think, am I somewhere close?

16) There is a free deal

Who isn’t fond of free deals and it cannot be skipped if it is a free cold drink “Coke” but wait, it intends something else i.e. “Cock”.

Nothing, but a real blunder. Correct the image or correct the word.

17) This is the new type of toilet bifurcation

I always knew it! Now everybody accepts it that females are born leaders. The other category is a bit confusing, about what quality of “gents” they are trying to project in the word “Jent’s”.

Can you help with this?

18) What exactly would you expect here?

There can be multiple assumptions on what can you get here. First, You can get here the “Child Bear” i.e. the baby bear. Second, you will find “Chilled Bear” i.e. it is a non-veg shop to get a chilled bear to eat.

What do you think you will get here?

19) That’s shameful

The way it is written, you can be sure about the English skills of the tutor. And still, if you decide to join this then you will be ashamed of your English forever.

You will be “Shamed by you English”.

20) Mc Donald is hiring

Ohh! I thought it is for commoners but no they are very particular about their requirement of “Smiling FECES” I am wondering on how do they check that the demand is met or not?

Many would prefer to stay jobless.

21) So this is how you show gratitude to your teacher

Your student is claiming you to be the “Best Teacher” while doing such a blunder.

There is a doubt on how much truth is there in this statement. Can clearly imagine the teacher’s dilemma here. Pity you.

22) Real caution for shoplifters

The inventor of this board should be applauded, the real caution for shoplifters.

“Will be Prostituted” will create a real terror in “Shoplifters” mind. I think this signboard should be a standard board as this will surely prevent shoplifting!

23) No one can say no to Donuts

Everything’s better with “Donuts”. But, this sounds disgusting! This new kind of “Dognuts” broke my heart in pieces for my love for donuts and I will have to say “No” to these “Donuts”.